Going to casino while pregnant

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Feb 14, 2010 ... But Nevada has protected its casinos from smoking bans, and don't look for ... Kastroll took part in an anti-smoking protest outside the Convention Center during last year's ... There will be others after them willing to go the distance against ... can't smoke — even a dealer who was seven months pregnant.

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I wouldn't go if I had a baby in tow, but if it was me, I'd go while pregnant. And, what nice timing to take a trip with hubby before you're too uncomfy. Married in 1999 DS Feb 2004, DD Dec 2005 ...

Secondhand Smoke and Casino Dealers | | Blogs | CDC Jun 16, 2009 ... And when I was pregnant twice I was shocked how many people still blew ... I do not smoke it is unhealthy and whenever I go to a casino there are .... from involuntary exposure to carcinogenic UV radiation while on the job. Secondhand Smoke in First Trimester? 5 weeks pregnant — The Bump ...

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Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Fowler on is it safe to go to water parks while pregnant: I assume you are worried about the effect of loud sounds.

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What are your thoughts on being pregnant and going to the casino? From time to time, I see pregnant women at the casino and I'm not sure how I feel about it. First of all, I wouldn't make judgments of anyone... if a pregnant woman wants to be in a casino that is her decision and right. This is a legitimate inquiry on my part as my wife and I love going to the casino and we just found out she ... Casino while pregnant? : BabyBumps - reddit My husband and I are thinking she may be imagining a super smokey casino and not one that is well ventilated, so we decided that my husband will check them out and see just how bad they are. If the ventilation seems to be good, then I'll go once or twice for maybe an hour or so. But I'm definitely going to be cautious and listen to my body. Casino During Pregnancy - What are your thoughts on being ... I won't be crushed if we don't go but DH usually has a good ..I did jeux de casino 770 demo it a few times while pregnant. casino during pregnancy Outdoor workplaces and working in a private home are usually not covered by smoke-free laws.Related Articles & Discussions First Trimester of Pregnancy - The 1st Trimester Symptoms, Weeks Explained ...