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Hi Guys, We're launching a new bovada hand history converter. It will take all bovada hands and convert them into a format for easy import PokerTracker - Online Poker Software, Player Stats Tracking

Hand History Database for Research (Beta) ... nearly one billion real money poker hand histories, ... The source code of the Java library are offered for free as well ...

Poker Datamine - PerlMonks The problem I have is getting the data from the ipoker app. ... A hand number and table number will be needed to be used to keep each set of .... For me, looking at historical data is of limited use -- if I were going to write ...

About hand histories. A hand history is a record of a played poker. It contains information about the game type, the stakes, the stacks of each player at the table, the dealt cards at each round and information about betting actions. A poker hand history also contains the hole cards known to the player that requested the hand.

When approaching the problem of accumulating hand data, there are ... Similar considerations apply to using application native hand history facilities. As noted ... UCI Machine Learning Repository: Poker Hand Data Set 1 Jan 2007 ... Abstract: Purpose is to predict poker hands. Data Set Characteristics: ... There is one Class attribute that describes the "Poker Hand". The order ... Online Poker Hand Histories